Do you offer Therapeutic Services?

No. The purpose of The Bearing Witness Project is to lead the conversation on the topic of religious & spiritual trauma and not to provide direct therapeutic support to survivors, although the engagement with the content might have therapeutic outcomes. We are committed, however, to provide you with resources, which you can find here.

If you are in crisis, please click here for a hotline number.

Why Focus on Religious & Spiritual Trauma (RST)?

When you type the words “religion” and “trauma” into Google or an academic database, you will find a lot on religion and spirituality as a factor of healing for survivors of trauma. However, there is very little acknowledgement and understanding of harm when religion and spirituality are the source of the traumatization among mental health professionals and the larger community. The Bearing Witness Projects seeks to understand and reflect upon the unique manifestation(s) of religious and spiritual trauma in the life of an individual and a community.

Are you Talking About one Religion in particular?

The Bearing Witness Project is not affiliated with any specific religious and/or spiritual institution, teaching, or community. We welcome and encourage insight from multiple faiths and perspectives. However, both hosts come from a Christian background and definitely speak to the topic from that perspective.

How can I Best Support A loved one?

We hope that the recordings at The Bearing Witness Project will provide . In the mean time, practice ACE - acceptance, curiosity, and empathy (adapted from Dr. Dan Hughe’s PACE). Share resources and consider bringing the conversation to your church, university, or organization.

How Can I get involved?

Listen to the podcast, rate us on Apple Podcasts, share with friends on social media, and reach out with questions! Stay tuned though as we hope to provide more practical opportunities to engage in discussion, advocacy, and trainings in the future.

DOes the Bearing Witness Project Offer Trainings to Communities and/or Mental Health Professionals?

Yes, we are definitely willing to do so. Please contact us if you want to start a conversation about how we can best partner with you.